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Frequently Asked Questions

ND Math Corps members work with small groups of students in grades 4-8 who are just below grade-level proficiency in math. Members provide 90 minutes of weekly tutoring outside of core instruction times. Members provide evidence-based interventions following lesson sequences developed for each grade level. Students take a placement test before beginning tutoring and the tutor uses results from the test to determine where in the lesson sequence to begin tutoring. Students are assessed five times during the year to monitor growth. Once a student exits the program, a new student is added to their caseload.

Members are required to commit to either 450, 675, or 900 total hours of service with the program. All members must commit to working throughout the entire school year (September-May). This works out to be approximately 15 hours a week for a 450-hour member, 20 hours a week for a 675-hour member, or 28 hours a week for a 900-hour member.